Beautiful New Zealand

I started this blog the very last month of 2016.  For about a year, I had toyed with the idea of starting one but I never did anything about it.  I’m not sure what prompted me to finally take action, but within two days, I found a domain, signed up for a year’s worth of hosting, and posted my first blog article.   I didn’t tell anyone about my blog initially because the fear of putting my ideas and words out in the open without knowing how they will be perceived was frightening.  Having been a blog reader for several years, I know how unpleasant people can be under the veil of anonymity on the internet.  Still, my husband gave me the blessing to try it out and I made the promise to myself to commit to one year of blogging.

For as long as I could remember, my friends and family members have always come to me for advice for one thing or another.  Quite frankly, I feel awkward about giving advice because sometimes it feels like the case of the blind leading the blind.  Nevertheless, I am good at figuring things out and if I don’t know something, I know where and how to look for the answer.

My first blog article was about nursing, a subject that many of my new mom friends have asked me about over the last three years.  I actually had my tips for nursing scribbled on a yellow legal pad, tucked away under stacks of catalogues in my bed side table.   I wrote these notes in the early days after my second son was born.   I wasn’t sure who I was taking notes for or what the purpose of those notes were, but something told me to keep writing.


As more and more of my friends started getting pregnant and becoming moms for the first time, I wanted to share my experiences with them.  My crib notes are not intended to substitute for books written by experts, but rather, represent what a good friend may tell you over a glass of wine.   I specifically wrote my first two articles with three special ladies in mind (Linda, Sherry, and Amy).

Thank you for stopping by to visit my little piece of the blogosphere.  I always welcome helpful suggestions and comments.


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