Easy flower arrangement in 5 minutes


I love having flowers around the house because they are so pretty and they always put me in a good mood.  Rather than buying floral arrangements in vases, I pick up a bouquet or two of whatever flowers are in season from the local market where I do my grocery shopping.  If you have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s near you, they always have a good selection of inexpensive bouquets.  Today I’m going to show you how I put two floral arrangements together in 5 minutes for $12.

White lilies, hydrangeas, and asters

I used to take my bouquet home and stick the flowers in a big, tall vase.  Despite my best efforts to arrange the flowers, my final product never looked that great.  It always looked something like this:


One day, I received a beautiful flower arrangement at the hospital after the birth of my second baby.  As I studied the arrangement, I reached an epiphany.  In order for the flowers arrangement to look full and professional, I have to use a short tabletop vase and trim off most of the stems.


Here are my tips:

  • For an elegant arrangement: use two or three shades in the same color family.  My favorite colors to use are whites and pinks.
  • For a fun look: pick flowers with contrasting colors, such as mostly white with some green or yellow with purple.
  • Pick flowers that are different sizes and shapes to add dimension and visual interest.
  • Use small table top vases and don’t be afraid to cut a lot off of the stems.  Most store bought flowers come with about 12 inches of stem length and you can easily cut about half of that off for a nice tabletop arrangement.
  • For a professional look, squeeze in as many flowers as you can fit in the vase.
  • Use a pair of gardening shears to trim the stems quickly and efficiently.
  • Put a few blooms in mason jars to brighten up smaller spaces like the office or bathroom.
  • Change the water daily and dissolve aspirin and sugar in the water to make your flowers last longer.  Every 3 days or so, trim a 1/2 inch off of the stems.


Here’s a fun arrangement with sunflowers that I did for my son’s birthday party last year:


Do you buy flowers on a regular basis?  What are your favorite tips?

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