Valentine’s Day projects for toddlers and kids

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I was looking for some cute projects for the kids to work on.  Here are some that looked cute and manageable for little hands.

1. Paper plate and yarn hearts

Pink and red paper plates, hole puncher, and colorful yarn makes for a nice wall art that encourages hand eye coordination.


2. Hand flower bouquet

My previous nanny and my then two-year-old son worked on this hand flower bouquet for me.  What a sweet surprise!


3. Heart fingerprint tree

Here’s an art project that allows your kids to put their mark on art.  This ink pad set will come in handy.


Do you like doing art projects with your kids?  I’m a perfectionist so sometimes it’s hard for me to let my kids make a crazy mess of their art projects.  I try to remind myself that as long as they are having fun, that’s all that matters.

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