Bath time fun for toddlers and eczema care

pirates hooded cotton bath robes and monogram bath towels

Baths are fun for toddlers and parents alike, until you get splashed and everything ends up soaking wet!  I really enjoy giving my boys baths and I especially love seeing them interact with each other and having fun.  Both my sons used this bathtub as infants (set up in the kitchen sink so I didn’t have to kneel down) until they were about one.



The bathroom that my boys share has a walk-in shower and no bathtub, which is great for adults, but not ideal for kids.  To get around that, I bought two of these larger toddler bath tubs and put them side by side.  As a result, I save a lot of water and both boys get to take baths “together.”  You can also fold them up to save room or for travel use.


I try to make bath time fun.  I give the boys lots of bath toys and cups of varying sizes to play with.  They especially like this Green Toys tugboat that they can fill with water and pour out.  I like it because it’s a convenient tool for me to rinse their hair after shampooing.  I always encourage them to blow bubbles with their mouths and reinforce things we have learned in swim class.  My older son hates getting water in his eyes and his little brother loves to splash.  Their interactions are hilarious to watch.


Both of my boys have mild eczema during the summer time so I try to keep their skin hydrated.  Their pediatric dermatologist recommended the California Baby eczema shampoo and body wash.  For stubborn spots behind the knee and wrists, I use the fluocinolone acetonide 0.01% topical oil.  It is by prescription only and has worked wonders.  I cover their entire bodies with CeraVe moisturizing cream.  This cream works so well that I steal it for my own use.


The end of bath time is always a struggle because they are having so much fun that they don’t want to get out.  I keep a small space heater in the bathroom to keep the room warm.  I found these hooded bathrobes at Costco last summer and they are the best for swimming lessons and after baths.  They are made of cotton towel material and the hood helps to dry the hair faster.  Best of all, the little ones can move around without tripping all over the place.

After bath fun in their robes

What are your bath time routines?

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