How to make hard decisions: simple coin toss with a twist

How many times have you encountered something that looked great on paper but you knew deep inside that it wasn’t right for you?  Did you follow your intuition or did you go along with it because it seemed too good to let go?  Perhaps it was the cute Cape Cod house too small for your family but in a great school district or the half-size-too-big pair of designer heels that finally went on sale.  Did you go for it or did you let it go?


The answer is very telling about you as an individual.  I believe that opportunities are like ocean waves.  There are little waves and big waves, but they constantly come and go.  Some people take the first decent wave that comes along while others keep watching and waiting for something bigger and better but never take action.  Others jump on when they see a good wave and if that one doesn’t work out, they jump off and wait for the next good one to come along to try.  Because there is a constant flow of waves, catching a big one takes good timing, experience, patience, and perseverance.


I’ve learned time and time again that what looks good on paper doesn’t always work in real life.  Do your research and due diligence, weigh your pros and cons, but ultimately you must trust your gut instinct.  If you’re still on the fence about something, do this simple test: flip a coin.  It’s not whether you get heads or tails that matters.  Pay attention to your initial reaction when you see the results of the coin toss.  Are you relieved or are you secretly disappointed?  Your first reaction is the most honest and telling indication of whether the thing you are considering is actually a smart move.

Have you encountered a difficult decision that you couldn’t make up your mind on?  How did you finally make your decision?

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