Good reads and good buys

Happy Monday!  I had a great weekend, spending quality time with my family.  The boys are growing so fast and I just want to soak up every free minute I have with them.  I recently purchased an annual membership from Groupon to a whimsical amusement park designed for little kids (think tiny merry-go-rounds and a miniature pony you can pet) and I plan to get my money’s worth by going often.  I have a tendency to be a homebody so having a membership to a zoo or children’s park encourages me to take the kids out so that we can all get some much needed exercise and sunshine.

After the kids go to sleep, I like to do a little bit of reading and online shopping.  Who else is with me here?  Here are some articles that I found to be interesting.  Not surprisingly, most of these are related to parenting.


1. An interesting argument against using the ubiquitous sticker charts to reward children for good behavior via the Atlantic.  I grew up in a family where everyone was expected to contribute to the household by doing chores.  We never got allowances, let alone get rewarded for doing things like putting our clothes away or brushing our teeth.  That being said, I do find sticker charts helpful for developmental skills in young children like potty training and sleeping in.  What are your thoughts?

2. Have you heard about the Chinese practice of confinement or “sitting the month” after childbirth?  The Washington Post published an article on this practice.  My parents came to visit me after the birth of each of my babies and they took turns cooking traditional confinement recipes that were suppose to increase my milk supply, heal my body, and balance my chi.  I felt pampered and ate some delicious foods.

I’m not a soccer mom or a tiger mom

3. The plight of the working mom is that there is an ever-present expectation to work as though one doesn’t have children, and to raise one’s children as though one doesn’t have to work.  Growing up, my mom always worked and it definitely had an influence on me.  The Harvard Business School published an article that says kids benefit from having a working mom.  What do you think?

4. I watched this TED talk about the very real possibility of creating designer babies via the gene editing technology called CRISPR in as little as fifteen years.  Quite fascinating and scary.  Would you make “upgrades” to your unborn child to make them smarter, better looking, or more athletic?  What about modifications for just health related issues like autoimmune disorders?


Besides reading, I enjoy doing some online shopping.  I stocked up on some great sales from Janie and Jack for the boys during the President’s Day sale, which was 60% off plus an additional 20% off.  I bought 1-2 sizes up for next year’s winter clothes and found some great spring clothes that I’m planning on using for their birthday pictures.  I started thinking about what color scheme to use for our family pictures and decided on gray/blue/yellow.  I drew inspiration from my last post on my son’s nursery.


Gingham shirt on sale for $13.99, Yellow shorts, Chambray shirt on sale for $13.99, yellow bow tie on sale for $7.99



I also highly recommend this soft sweater.  It’s not very thick, but my picky three-year-old declared today that it’s his favorite sweater and he wants to wear it everyday.


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