Diaper tips: how to save money and avoid leaks and rashes

which diapers to buy save or splurge

Diapers and wipes are recurring necessities that can really add up so it’s wise to try to save where you can.  That being said, it’s not worth it to get cheaper diapers that end up leaking because you’ll be spending a lot of time doing laundry.  I have two boys, almost two and four, and have tried numerous brands of diapers and wipes.  The recommendations below are based on my personal experience.  You will have to try a few different brands before you settle on one that fits your needs.  Keep in mind that like a pair of jeans, every brand of diapers is shaped a little differently, so certain brands will naturally fit your child better than others.

Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers
I have been using Pampers Swaddlers since the boys were born and have been very happy with them. They are soft, fit well, and rarely leak.

Diapers, nighttime: Honest Overnights
Around the time my older son was three, we had issues with the Pamper Swaddler diapers leaking overnight.  He would wake up with wet pajamas and bed sheets.  I think it had to do with his increased volume of urine output throughout the night.  After having multiple accidents, I decided to try different diapers, including Huggies and Honest diapers.  I really liked the Honest Overnights because the diapers were noticeably thicker and seemed more absorbent.  After switching to the Honest Overnights, we haven’t had any leaking issues.  The little sheep design is also pretty cute.  which diapers to buy to prevent night time leaks

Wipes: Kirkland Baby wipes
I buy these wipes from Costco and they are very affordable (900 wipes for under $20), hypoallergenic, and contain no chlorine, alcohol, dyes, parabens or phthalates.  I have tried the Pampers and Huggies wipes and I didn’t like those because they were too “slippery.”  These Kirkland wipes have a nice texture that help to clean even the messiest bums.

diapering basics when to save or splurge

Diaper cream: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Cream to Powder
I use Burt’s Bees cream to powder for general maintenance and the Honest diaper rash cream for more serious rashes.  For other diaper supplies, refer to this post for baby essentials for the new mom.

Diaper Pail and Refills: Diaper genie elite
Some people don’t want to spend money on a diaper pail and refills, but for me, it’s a big convenience to not have to constantly take out the trash because the dirty diapers are stinking up the room.

1. Look for coupons: earlier this week, Target had a buy $75 worth of diapers and get a $20 giftcard.  I took the opportunity to stock up on the Honest overnight diapers that aren’t readily available on Amazon.

2. Buy it on auto subscription.  For example, on Amazon, you can subscribe and save 20% on baby and other household supplies.  It’s convenient, saves money, and takes one more thing off of your to-do list.

3. Try a small box of the store brand diapers.  Some of my mom friends like the Target brand and have had good luck with them.

1. Try a bigger size diaper.  The most common reason for diaper leaks is because the diaper  is too small.  If your baby/toddler is at the upper range of the weight limit, try moving up to the next diaper size.

2. Make sure the diaper tabs are placed symmetrically and the diaper is snug but not too tight.

3. Customize the diaper positioning for boys and girls.  For boys, allow a little extra diaper in the front.  For girls, slide the diaper a little further back.

4. Have your baby or toddler use the potty or change the diaper right before going to bed.  That means if you do story time, wait until after story time to change to a fresh diaper.

Sposie diaper booster pad to avoid diaper leaks

5. Consider a booster pad for long car trips and overnights.  These booster pads are like feminine pads that fit inside the diaper to absorb an extra 8 oz of fluid.  This is especially helpful for boys who are tummy sleepers.  Remember to use a roomy diaper or size up and position the pad inside the diaper.  Make sure that the booster pad doesn’t stick out in the front or back.

What are your favorite diapering supplies?  Do you have any tips or recommendations?

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  1. Since baby can go through more than 70 diapers per week, it’s important to invest time in finding the right size diaper at each stage of your baby’s growth. Diaper … Here are some tips to turn you into a diaper fit pro: … Once you’re sure about size, make sure the diaper fits in a way that will help prevent leaks.


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