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I never had to drink coffee until I became a mom

I never had to drink coffee until I became a mom

I have always enjoyed drinking coffee.  Back in the days when banks served coffee, any time my sister and I would go to the bank with our parents, we would make our own cups of coffee with 10% coffee, 50% milk, and 40% sugar.  We felt so grown up sipping our “coffee.”

When coffee houses like Starbucks started to take the market by storm, my friends and I would go and hang out and study at Starbucks and I would order my favorite hazelnut latte.  On lazy weekends, my boyfriend and I would get our cups of joe and stroll around the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, basking in the warm California sunshine.

While I have always enjoyed coffee, drinking coffee had always been part of a social experience for me.  I took pride in knowing that I didn’t have to drink coffee every morning….until I became a mom.  Being a control freak, I was uncomfortable with the fact that I depended on caffeine to assist me through the day.  Now that my son is almost four, I’ve come accept that my daily coffee is here to stay – and it’s okay.  There are plenty of good reasons to drink coffee every day: coffee is a good source of antioxidants, it helps people to stay “regular,” banishes the dreaded morning mental fog, and is a pleasurable daily ritual to enjoy.  There’s nothing better than taking that first sip of steaming coffee in the morning with your eyes closed.


To stay hydrated and to avoid the jittery effects of caffeine, I drink a glass of water each morning before I have my first sip of coffee.  I also limit myself to one cup per day, and I avoid the flavored creamers in favor of whole milk and a teaspoon of sugar.  Drinking water afterwards also helps to decrease the staining effects on teeth.

Do you drink coffee daily?  Here are some of my favorite coffees:

Illy: The medium roast is my favorite.  My favorite weekend brunch restaurant, Cafe Crepe in Santa Monica, served this brand of coffee and it is so aromatic.

Philz Coffee: The Tesora medium blend is my favorite.  My sister was a barista at Philz Coffee in San Francisco for a few years and she got me addicted to this roast.

Trader Joe’s New Mexico piñon coffee – medium roast coffee with roasted pine nuts, imbuing nutty, tropical, mocha notes.  If you like subtly flavored coffees, try this economical buy at $6.99 for 16 oz.

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6 thoughts on “I never had to drink coffee until I became a mom

  1. Hahaha! I literally laughed out loud (and am still laughing) with that image of the two sisters as kids, so excited about having free coffee at the bank…”10% coffee, 50% milk and 40% sugar”! True story. You are an accomplished writer indeed!

    Another lovely post, and awesome photos, I must say! Great share. I’m sure your other sister approves this post too 🙂


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  2. Awww…. Great article Happy Chic Mom! Will wine be the next daily ritual? Haha! The coffee options you mentioned are great and accessible! Coffee is really great and necessary….it’s comforting and serves as my emotional support for the day. “OK, BUT FIRST COFFEE” is my daily model, haha! Some of my absolute favorite places for espresso-based drinks are Ritual Roasters and Verve Roasters. 🙂 Thanks for the tips on avoiding staining! I drank water before and after drinking coffee today!

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