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The easiest and fastest way to clean makeup brushes

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  My mom was in town for the weekend and we took advantage of the great weather and visited the beautiful Filoli Gardens for some family pictures.  How was your weekend?

Today I’m sharing a simple, fast, and easy method for cleaning makeup brushes.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes often enough, even though I know that the build up of makeup, oils, and dirt is not only unsanitary, but can cause unnecessary break-outs.  I used to dread makeup brush cleaning day but now I actually look forward to it.

How to clean make-up brushes

Sigma F-80 Flat Kabuki Brush, Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat, Sonia Kashuk brushes

This Sigma express brush cleaning mat has little suction cups on the underside to help attach it to your bathroom sink.  You add a little makeup brush cleaning solution (I just use shampoo) and run your brushes on the various textured bumps to clean and rinse.  I shake out the excess water and let the brushes air dry on a slight downward incline.

When I started using this cleaning mat, I couldn’t believe how clean my brushes looked and it literally cut my cleaning time in half!  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Sigma brush cleaning mat how to clean your make-up brushes

Your makeup brushes can last a very long time if you take good care of them. I have had my Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes from Target for years now and they are still going strong.  For anyone thinking about getting a makeup brush kit, this Sigma brush set has all the essentials and has great reviews to boot.Sigma Essential make-up brush kit how to clean make-up brushes

Sigma makeup brush essential kit

Have a great rest of the week.  Thanks for reading.

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