5 Stylish and comfortable shoes for work

I’ve come to the sad realization that most of the shoes I owned prior to having kids will likely not see the light of day anytime soon.  I’m talking about the fun and sexy high heels  that are oh so cute but are totally impractical and only marginally comfortable.  My neglected slingbacks and d’Orsay are still sitting in their boxes instead of the donation pile because I still believe that one day I will take them out for a spin down memory lane.

Although I do miss wearing my fun shoes when going out (heck…I miss going out!), I haven’t given up on wearing stylish shoes just because I’m a working mom.  After lots of shoe shopping and some trial and error, I have managed to find work shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.  Listed below are some of my favorite shoes that offer just the right combination of comfort and style.

Stylish and comfortable shoes for work

Wedges, block heels, and flats are going to be more supportive and comfortable than heels or pumps.  I generally look for shoes with all leather uppers for breathability and  non-slip soles for obvious reasons.  Look beyond blacks or browns to expand your shoe palette.  I consider navy, burgundy, tortoise shell, and even leopard print to be classics/neutrals.  The best time to look for these colors and patterns is during the fall season.

Tory Burch Sally Wedge
Tory Burch Sally Wedge
I mentioned in this post that I own multiple versions and colors of the Tory Burch Sally wedge.  They are by far the most comfortable mid-heel work shoes I have ever owned and there is absolutely no break-in period for me.  I always get compliments from both men and women when I wear these shoes.

Cole Haan Tali Wedge
Cole Haan Tali Wedge – 40% off right now, around $100
Cole Haan Tali wedges are a great value because they are made of real leather and have a rubber sole that is anti-slip.  They are a great deal right now at 40% off.

AGL cap toe ballet flat
AGL cap toe ballet flat
AGL makes the most comfortable flats I have ever worn.  I wore AGL flats throughout my pregnancies and I think that they are a great staple, especially when you can get them on sale.  My mom initially scoffed at the price when a Nordstrom’s associate brought them out for her to try, but became a convert as soon as she tried them on and felt how comfortable they were.  If you want a little extra height, these block heel pumps offer just the right amount of embellishment to an otherwise classic pump.  Best of all, they are 40% off right now.

AGL Studded Block Heel Pump
AGL studded block heel pump – 40% off right now, under $200

AGL studded ballet flat
AGL studded ballet flat – now 40% off, $188
What are your favorite work shoes?  I’m always looking for something new to add to my repertoire, so please share your favorites.

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