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5 children’s birthday party favors that last longer than 5 minutes

Most children’s birthday party favors have a play life of five minutes and will inevitably collect at the bottom of toy bins and later in landfills.  With my son’s 4th birthday party coming up, I was brainstorming for party favors that are more environmentally friendly and/or have a longer play life.  Here are 5 children’s birthday party favors that last (hopefully!) longer than 5 minutes.

1. Hape Bamboo Roleplay Toy Vehicle – This is what I ended up getting as party favors for my son’s birthday party.  I found these in a local toy store and liked that they are made of durable and renewable bamboo and are made from non-toxic and child safe materials.  They appear to be well made and are fun to collect!

Hape Bamboo Role Play Toy Vehicle

police car, fire truck, bull dozer, helicopter, twin turbo, mini Baja, set of 4

Hape Bamboo Roleplay toy vehicle

5 children's party favors that delight

Admittedly, these bamboo cars are more suited for a boy’s birthday party.  I even considered getting these Hape bamboo animals, which are equally adorable and collectable.

Hape Bamboo Animals children's birthday party favors

2. Gift certificate to the local ice cream parlor 

3. Children’s book – My two-year-old loves this Dear Zoo board book and it is under $5.  My four-year-old loves the Critter series and they are under $4.

Dear Zoo children's birthday party favors

4. DIY homemade playdough – these are fun to make with your child and are economical too.  Put the playdough in small Mason jars and finish off with colorful ribbons.

Home made playdough children's party favor
DIY homemade (and edible) playdough – image via Momtastic

5. DIY molded crayons – I got this idea from Homemade by Jill.  Give all the broken and unused crayons (from restaurants) new life by melting them in candy molds and making new crayons in shapes of race cars and flowers.

Car Crayons
DIY race car crayons – Image via Homemade by Jill

What are your favorite children’s party favors?  I would love to have more ideas for next year.  Please share in the comments section below.

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