4 enriching activities to do with your family this weekend

Happy Monday!  I thought it would be fun to share some ideas for activities to do with your family this weekend so you can start planning early.

1. My family and I “camped” in our backyard over the weekend as a test run for future camping trips.  My 2- and 4-year-old boys were so excited about sleeping outside that they were bouncing off the walls until they finally conked out at 10 pm.  The best part about camping in your own back yard is having access to a clean bathroom and a kitchen for breakfast the next morning!  We bought this tent and it was very easy to set up and break down.

Coleman 5 person tent

2. There is so much talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education these days.  My 4-year-old just finished a science and engineering camp this week and absolutely loved it.  Some of the many fun and educational activities he did included dissecting owl pellets, making a water vortex with soda bottles, creating a living environment for a pet worm, and making home-made ice cream.  He had so much fun that he asked if he could go back the following week. If you’re looking for some project ideas, the Dad Lab on Facebook has lots of great ideas.  You may also like this post about the best kinds of toys to get your children to foster creativity and innovation.

While we are on the topic of STEM education, here is an inspiring PBS video about a well-known actress (Danica McKellar) who also happens to be a math genius from my alma mater.  Who could forget Winnie Cooper, the pretty girl next door from the Wonder Years?  It turns out that she’s much more than just a pretty face.

3. With temperatures heating up for summer, I was looking for some refreshing treats to make with my two little ones.  I was so inspired by the simplicity of making Italian ice with fruits that I decided to whip up a batch of honeydew and watermelon sorbets this weekend.  Have you tried making your own sorbet?  It’s actually very easy to make and is incredibly refreshing on a hot day.

Italian ice honey dew and watermelon sorbet easy and fast
homemade honeydew and watermelon sorbet

4. A shameless plug here, but I recently posted an article on how to set up your emergency water supply.  It’s not a very exciting subject so most people probably won’t read it, but I think it is so important to help protect your family if a disaster were ever to strike your community.  Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad that you had access to clean drinking water.  It’s an easy and manageable weekend project that you can complete in about an hour.

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