5 Interesting videos to watch and articles to read

Happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate in the United States.  My sister is coming over to hang out with us and we are having a barbecue and watching fireworks up on a little hill near our house.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen some of these videos that I posted last week, but if not, they are worth a quick watch.

  1. Are you finding it hard to understand or getting frustrated trying to work with millennials?  This is a great video to watch to better comprehend their world and to understand how we can help them to better succeed in the workplace.

2. Are your toddler’s driving you crazy?  Here’s a funny video about the idiosyncrasies (or craziness) of having toddlers in your life.

3. Do you buy rotisserie chicken like I do from Costco on a weekly basis?  Here are some great lunch ideas for your left over rotisserie chicken.

4. I would love to do a kitchen remodel (my kitchen is original from the 1970’s) but for now, I can only dream.  I have a thing for blue and white, so these kitchens are right up my alley.  Would you paint your cabinets blue?

Blue Kitchen Veronica Rodriguez.jpg
Via Ideal Home, Photo Credit: Veronica Rodriguez

5. I’ve been reading one book per month and whenever I run out of ideas, I refer to this list of 15 inspiring career books.  Of that list, I’ve read Siblings Without Rivalry and Give or Take.  Have you read any of those books on the list?

Siblings without rivalry

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