The 5 unexpected postpartum physical changes you need to know about

5 post partum changes I didn't expect

Having a baby changes everything.  I expected stretch marks, residual baby weight, and dark circles under the eyes after having a baby, but there were also a few physical changes that I didn’t anticipate.

1. Losing eyelashes

I expected to lose some of my hair after giving birth, but nobody told me about postpartum eyelash loss. What a bummer!  One morning, I woke up and there were tiny patches of bald spots where my eyelashes used to be.  Luckily, I was able to camouflage the situation by using lots of eyeliner and mascara.  My go-to eyeliner and mascara for years have been the Lancome eyeliner pencil and Definicils mascara.  This Definicils mascara set comes with the eyeliner, mascara, and eye maker remover for $34.  I also like the Stila all day eyeliner and lipstick, which is on sale right now for $20.



2. Changing breast size and weight redistribution

I had heard that some women’s lady bumps get a bump-up in size after pregnancy – so I was secretly hopeful.  Much to my dismay, I lost fat in places where I wanted to keep it and I gained fat in places where I didn’t want it.  I call this phenomenon the unfortunate mommy weight redistribution.

3. Looking five months pregnant

I expected to have a round belly after childbirth, but I didn’t expect to look like I was still five months pregnant.  Thankfully, Kate Middleton and I had our first babies around the same time, and the fact that she sported a nice sized post baby bump made me feel better about myself.  I have learned to not compare my body to other women because everyone is shaped a little differently and it just takes time for our bodies to get back to a semi-normal shape.

While I felt like a blob most of the time, I didn’t necessarily want to look like one.  Since I lived in leggings 99.9% of the time,  I was searching for a cotton pair that had good abdominal support to hold everything in while still being breathable and comfortable.  This pair of Svelte cotton spandex leggings (c/o) fits the bill with a built-in waist panel that is supportive without being too constrictive.


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4. Periods getting heavier

Oh my goodness…my Aunt Flo got much, much heavier, especially after having my second baby.  I went from using regular tampons to super plus tampons with a pad as extra back-up.  At first I thought something was wrong, but when I asked my OBGyn about it, he told me that it had to do with changes in the uterus after childbirth.  Also, women who have been on the birth control pill or IUD prior to having children will experience heavier periods after childbirth because hormonal contraceptives artificially lighten the menstrual flow.

5. Extra belly skin

I was lucky that my belly got smaller four months postpartum, but I wasn’t expecting the extra belly skin.  It dawned on me that having some excess saggy skin is totally normal given that my belly was stretched to its limits for nine months.  What was I expecting?  Applying moisturizers and doing abdominal exercises helps to soften the skin and firm up the muscles underneath but there isn’t really a great way to get rid of the excess skin without a surgical tummy tuck.

At the end of the day, all the gripes I have about my unexpected physical changes pale in comparison to the amazing experience of being a mom.  Forever etched in my memory are the blissful moments of having my baby sons in my arms in their quiet dark nurseries.  At those moments, I tried my hardest to store every sight, sound, smell and touch in my memory bank as I stroked their tiny soft toes and deeply inhaled the euphoric baby smell.  Having a baby changes everything but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Have you seen this old commercial?  It is so sweet.  Having a baby does change everything.

What postpartum changes did you experience that you weren’t expecting?  Were there any products that you used to make the transition a bit easier?  Thanks for stopping by!  Please click the “follow” button to receive email notification of future blog posts and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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