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Toy car organization in boy bedroom

toy car organization boy room

My younger son has been obsessed with cars since he was a toddler so it made perfect sense to incorporate a car theme into his room decor when it came time to redecorate his nursery. Here are 3 ideas to store/display toy cars:

1. Wall mounted car garage:

We installed a car garage to hold most of his small toy cars.  I love having a space saving wall mounted shelving unit that displays all his toy cars in plain sight.  He loves it because he has full access to all his cars at all times.  I bought the shelf from Mom Where’s my Car.  

2. Wall mounted shelving like this or this.

Wall mounted shelving is also a great way to attractively display a few cars and trucks.  

boy room accessories

3. Hanging jewelry organizer.  Before we installed the car garage, we stored all his cars in a hanging jewelry organizer like this one.  It was inexpensive and worked well, but it wasn’t attractive enough to display so I kept it hanging in the closet.  Every time my son wanted to play with his cars, he would have to ask a grown-up to get it down for him.  

hanging jewelry organizer for cars

Here’s a look at his room (before our house remodel):


book shelves kids room

Boy room cars theme


car lover boys room

Toy car organization in boy bedroom

Have you redecorated your toddler’s room?  Do you enjoy decorating or is it something that you would rather put off?  For more decorating ideas, see 8 tips for furnishing and decorating a toddler’s room on a budget.

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