Melissa @Happychicmom

Hi! I’m Melissa. I’m a wife, a mom to two little boys, and an orthodontist. Happy Chic Mom is a family and lifestyle blog that I started as a way to share some of my experiences with my friends who are going through similar events: becoming a mother for the first time, learning how to juggle a toddler and a newborn, excelling at work, and trying to live a happy and balanced life.

When I’m not working with patients or chasing my boys around, I like to travel, cook, shop, read, do yoga, and play the piano.  Happy Chic Mom is a creative outlet for me to write about the things that are important and meaningful to me.  I do this in my spare time, usually for a couple of hours each weekend.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to email me at happychicmom@gmail.com with any questions.